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PS-21C  Closed cup
one colour manual pad printer

Without a doubt, our PS-21 one colour manual pad printer offers the best value-for-money on the market today.

Manufactured from one solid piece of  casting together with smooth and effortless mechanism, the PS-21C is a pleasure to use.  If you can pull a handle back and forth, you can use the PS-21C!

The PS-21C is a closed ink cup pad printer which means  that during the printing process, the ink is not exposed to the air or more importantly the operator. This makes the PS-21C not only environmentally-friendly but also safe to use.

As the PS-21C is a closed cup pad printer, it also means the ink does not evaporate into the air this saving you money in the long run of inks, retarder (thinners) etc.

Our bulk buying power has now enabled us to negotiate better prices so you can make big savings!

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One hand-operation - therefore faster production

Sturdy machine / precision engineering

All displacements are limited by "Stop dogs"

Closed cup system - ozone-friendly

Simple and precise adjustments of pad holder in XYZ coordinates

Simple and precise adjustments and of print bed in XYZ coordinates

Easy cliché clamping system

Light and effortless operation

Quick set-up time and easy to clean

Virtually maintenance-free

Totally portable Pressure-stop guides

No electricity required / manual operation

Machine colour and specification liable to change without prior notice

Watch demo video here.
(Training video will have narratives).

Copyright 2012   Creative Printers of London (Established since 1986)
Copyright 2013   Creative Printers of London (Established since 1986)

Benefits of a Closed Cup System

Minimum ink & solvent smell

Emissions of solvents in to the air reduced by 95% (Ozone-friendly)

Save up to 70% on Thinners

Save up to 40% on inks

Increase print speed by 50%

Achieve consistent viscosity

Reduce cleaning up time

Keep one component ink in cup for days

Save machine set-up time by 90%

Save time and energy

Ideal for areas of variable temperature conditions

Ideal for those working in confined spaces or from home or an office.

About Pad Printing

Plate Making System


Single colour manual pad printing machine

Closed Cup Cliché size (Printing plate):
100mm (w) x 200mm (L)

Ink cup diameter: 70mm

Maximum print area: 60mm diameter

Dimensions: 365mm x 170mm x 450mm

Maximum lifting depth of print bed 55mm

Left to right, back to front adjustment of print bed
+ or - 10mm

Net weight: 22kg

Watch demo video here!

Watch demo video here!